What if you could help your clients achieve that breakthrough they’ve been wanting for so long...in as little as 10 days?

You know that STRESS wreaks havoc on our bodies, but it’s often the piece our clients neglect the most.  

Whether they struggle with cravings, sleep disorders, poor memory, skin issues, extra weight, digestive issues, or a weak immune system, chronic stress is usually one of the culprits.

Here’s the problem: As much as they want to change, and agree they need to reduce their stress, they have NO IDEA HOW to do it.

That’s when you show up with Stressed to Zen:
the done-for-you program that addresses all the ways stress is affecting your clients’ health and how to fix it!

You’ll be the hero as you explain in 10 practical, simple lessons how to put themselves first, how to manage their stress, and how much better their life will be as a result. 

Stop wasting hours creating your own content and grab this customizable, high quality program to guide your clients in taking the necessary steps to transform their lives.

Your clients have endless to-do lists, families to take care of, limited time, and probably aren’t getting the proper nutrition, self care and sleep they need. 

With Stressed to Zen, you’ll stand apart from other health coaches. 

Your clients will begin to make huge strides, as they CHANGE THEIR MINDSET, IMPLEMENT NEW BEHAVIORS, and ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS–while being as zen as a buddhist monk! 

15% OFF SALE: $252.45
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Who am I?

Hi, I’m Claudia.

Years ago, I was 30 pounds heavier, had acne, my hormones were a wreck, I barely slept and was stressed to the max. All before I hit the age of 30.

I knew I had to make changes and one area I struggled with was STRESS.

I started practicing meditation and yoga, but realized I needed more.

What I discovered was that I had to change my mindset, learn to set boundaries with friends and family, drop resentment and forgive those who wronged me, and let go of control. Lastly, I definitely needed to make changes in my food. I had no idea that what I was eating and drinking every day contributed to my anxious tendencies.

Eventually, I went back to school to become a Health Coach myself.

Since I transformed my life, I decided to create a program to show others how to start their own journey. 

And now, I’ve made it available to coaches, like you, to get folks on board with a healthy lifestyle. You can then offer your 1:1 services or just run it seasonally as a group program. It’s really up to you!

What are people saying?

  • From Stressed to Zen couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I'm currently working through some personal stressors in my life and this helped me get some calm and peace back. I also loved the breakdown on the different types of stressors (internal stressors struck a cord with me). As if the great content wasn’t enough, the resources and action steps help you put into practice everything shared in the lessons. I would highly encourage anyone feeling stressed in this moment in their life to take advantage of the program and DO THE WORK! You’ll be surprised at the results.
  • I've always been an anxious person and at the age of 18 was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I was placed on anti-anxiety medications and have been on them ever since. A couple years ago, I decided to make major lifestyle changes, which included stress reduction so I enrolled in the Stressed to Zen course. The course clearly explains how stress affects health, and offers many easy to follow lessons on natural ways to reduce it. Since taking the course, my anxiety has reduced significantly. If you're an anxious person or under a lot of stress, I highly recommend this course!
  • I bought Stressed to Zen because it's a topic that can be useful to EVERYONE. It would have taken me a year to put something together on my own. This is awesome and can fit in as a bonus, stand alone program, or workshop. The 10 steps include great content and tips, plus additional resources. I work with moms who are also entrepreneurs and business owners. Stressed to Zen is so valuable to offer to my clients, as it allows me to offer a more holistic approach to serving my business coaching clients. The launch emails, welcome guide, and private support group are so helpful! Claudia provides tips and tools to help reduce the frustration and overwhelm that comes with launching or delivering a program. I highly recommend it!
    Kanani B.Kanani B.Business & Life Strategist

So, what's included?

• Customizable Welcome Guide teaching your clients the ins-and-outs of stress, so they have a better understanding of how it affects their health

10 Bite-Sized Lessons with specific action steps covering these topics (also customizable): 

>> Can Stress Be Good For You?

>> How to Reduce Negative Thinking

>> Ways to Set Boundaries

>> How to Drop Resentment & Forgive

>> How to Lessen the Need for Control

>> Ways to Reduce Distractions

>> Moving Your Body

>> Implementing Daily Self Care

>> Practicing Meditation

>> Stress-Reducing Foodd & Supplements 

List of Stress Management Resources, including essential oils (this is a great opportunity for you to promote your oils shop if you’re an essential oils consultant!) 

Royalty-Free Photos for you to use however you’d like

Ready for a program your clients will love?

15% OFF SALE: $252.45
(ends February 28th!)


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These BONUSES are great additions to the program and will get your clients motivated to take action!

• 10-day Food Plan Template

• 30 Self Care Ideas

• Daily Productivity Sheet

• 10 Motivational Quotes 

• Your Body On Stress Infographic
(with space to add your logo & contact info for marketing your program)

Wait, there's more...

Don’t struggle with marketing your program! I’m also including the following:

3 LAUNCH EMAILS to boost sales of your program

1 WELCOME EMAIL to get participants motivated

1 CONGRATULATORY EMAIL to offer clients the next step in working with you

SALES PAGE COPY and GRAPHIC HEADER to make it easy for them to click “BUY NOW!”

2 SOCIAL MEDIA GRAPHICS to promote your program!

The content, design, and marketing copy are worth well over $2500. But the price is NOT even close!

Get your business off the ground & start doing what you love! 

15% OFF SALE: $252.45
(ends February 28th!)

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this program different from other done-for-you programs?

Not only do I have over 10 years of experience in design and content creation, but I’m also a health coach. So I know exactly what you’re struggling with in your business. If that isn’t enough, I had the help of Holistic Business Coach, Diana Sabloff, to strategize, edit, and add juicy content to the program. Diana blends 25 years of experience working in Fortune 100 companies with her training as a health coach to help coaches unlock their success. From finding your niche to developing strategic business plans and crafting high-impact marketing messages to writing job-landing resumes, Diana helps health and wellness entrepreneurs brainstorm possibilities, organize their thoughts, and take action in a way that feels authentic to them. 

Is this program customizable?

YES! It’s available in both Pages and Word formats, so you can call it whatever you want, add your own logo, change the fonts, colors and even the content (although I don’t think you’ll need to!).

How can I use this program?

You can get started right away by selling it as a do-it-yourself downloadable program and automate daily emails, use it to teach a group program or to host a live workshop series! 

How much can I charge for this program?

It’s really up to you, as you should charge what you feel comfortable with. BUT I recommend anywhere from $37-57 as an email course, $67-97 as a online group program with daily support, and $107-127 for an in-person 4-week workshop series. But again, it’s really up to you!

I hate designing. Can you help me set up my sales page?

Sure thing! If your website is on Wordpress or Squarespace, I’d be happy to give you a quote and let you know of my availability. If I cannot handle your request, I’ll refer you to designers I trust. Just shoot me an email below!

Can I sell this to other coaches?

No way! This is just for you to sell to your CLIENTS. If you’re interested in my affiliate program, please email me at claudia@designbyclaudia.com. 

Ready to get started? 

Investment: $297 
15% OFF SALE: $252.45
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